Ford Enduro Fiestas

Dunlop confirms Touring Car Test Drive for
end of season (2018) for Ford Saloon Series

Well, it had to happen. A proposed race series for smaller Fords. Step up -  Ford Saloon Series
Approaches have been made on many fronts for Ford Racing UK to
introduce a race series for the smaller Ford cars of Fiesta size in a
sprint race concept of a qualifying and two race format.

The Ford Saloon Series will follow earlier regulations for the smaller Fords and will run on Dunlop control tyres.
The Ford Saloon Series will take cars of Ford Fiesta XR2, XR2i, of all marques such as Escort Mk 1,2 and 3/4 and 5/6 and Fiesta Zetec 1400, 1600, Fiesta Si 1800 and RS 1800 and Fiesta ST 2.0 litre. Cars will follow a basic Group N ideology and naturally aspirated. It is anticipated that it will run as a series then when numbers build up to attain proper Championship status. Contact has been ongoing with a race Club to get the initial paperwork done.
The series and following Championship will be owned and run by Kevin Shortis/Ford Racing UKEmail your interest to and be amongst the first to climb aboard.