Fiesta SupaCup from 2020



The 2020 Fiesta SupaCup will be the definitive series for any Fiesta or Fiesta based floorpan car (i.e. Puma etc..)

The rules will be as simple as we can allow and make with a schedule of racing over 6 - 8 events in the UK and Europe. To make cars more closer in performance a bhp/ton ratio will be looked at to produce some more equal racing. Competitors will produce a dyno sheet declaration when submitting a registration form and that will be the benchmark for racing and scrutineering. If any race car is found to be at variance with the bhp/ton declaration then they suffer a series penalty.. A margin of error will apply and discretion by the series organisers applied.

The race format will be along established lines with a mainly 30 minute qualify and 40 minute race for up to two drivers if they wish. Of course one driver may also race. The anticipated French race event shall be a qualify and two races.

At present the identity of the sponsors and the associated race club is confidential.

Registration will be not more than £95 for one or two drivers. Race club membership will be extra. Race entry fee on current expectations should be around £385.

Regulations are being prepared and will be available in due course.